Women Charged With Assault for Tapping Movie-Texting Man

A man, who was texting on his cell phone during a movie, accused a woman who tapped him on the shoulder of assault, claiming he suffered whiplash in his neck.

Dale Fout, 54-years-old, alleges he was texting against his chest when Brenda Godwin, also 54, pushed his neck at a time it was “in an awkward position.”

“Like having a little fender bender, and you get a little whiplash in your neck,” he said.

Godwin, which claimed Fout was texting on his phone during the movie, said she reached over to tap him on the shoulder.

“He whipped around and said, ‘Don’t ever touch me,’” she said. “I was a little taken aback.”

Godwin said Fout then jumped up, whirled around and said, ‘I am charging you with assault,’ before leaving the theater.

Police, who didn’t witness the incident, charged Godwin with a misdemeanor, the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

“We stay neutral in these things,” said Lt. Todd Dearing. “That’s what the courts are for.”

Earlier this year, a report found that 91 percent of U.S. adults witness examples of bad cell phone etiquette each day. As for the other nine percent, they may represent the few rude people who practice bad behaviors daily.

In May, a woman, who had talked on her phone for 16 straight hours, was removed from an Amtrak train.

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