Google Music Works on Apple Devices

Google Music Works on Apple Devices

Google Music, a media locker service, is now available for Apple iOS devices, as the Internet giant ramps up its cloud offering against rivals like Apple and Amazon.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company created a new app for Apple users to access its Music service, which allows them to upload and access nearly 20,000 songs through the cloud on a range of devices.

Google initially launched its cloud locker this year in a limited beta test, available only on mobile as an Android app for devices running Android 2.2 or higher.

The expansion to iOS devices allows the service to broaden its audience beyond Android users. Google hinted at its cloud locker earlier this year, but momentum stalled as the company faltered in negotiations with record labels.

Google also reportedly changed the nature of its online music offering often, according to music execs, considering an iTunes-like service and a subscription model as well.

As Google stalled on Music, competitors like Amazon Cloud Player launched in a move to build a strong user base. Apple also announced its iCloud service, which will let users stream media and access files from many devices over wireless or Internet access.

Google’s iOS Web-based Music app may aim to attract Apple users, especially before iCloud rolls out this fall. The app itself opens in Safari and allows users to control music using iOS functions. Apple users will be able to store 25 MB of music in the cache on iOS devices.

The Web-based app also allows Google to avoid the stringent approval process that a standalone app requires for placement in Apple’s App Store. However, the company has not ruled out a native iOS app for Music Beta.

Google will likely create more apps to broaden Music’s appeal and ability to work on a range of devices. But with Apple’s iCloud set to launch this fall, Google may need to pick up the pace to stay competitive.

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