Siri Can Be Funny, Too

Apple’s Siri voice recognition software is proving to be plenty sassy, with a responsiveness that may set the iPhone 4S apart from its competitors.

Reviewers, representing tech blogs as well as other media outlets, threw questions at Siri, getting a hint at the voice-recognition software’s personality.

Siri had snappy and sometimes silly answers for just about everything, even for people who told her they loved her. She met that declaration with coy robotic cynicism, saying, “I hope you don’t say that to those other mobile phones,” addressing the asker by name.

To other amorous people, Siri responded, “All you need is love. And your iPhone.” For those who hit a home run, so to speak, she even came back with a list of paid escort services.

Siri even had an answer for Brian Chen at Wired, who told Siri, “I’m drunk,” prompting the app to offer, “I found a number of cabs fairly close to you.”

Snappy comebacks aside, Siri’s funny responses reveal what may be a very serious game-changer for smartphones.

Many devices, including Android models, already feature voice-recognition software that answer simple questions, do basic searches and perform other routine commands. However, Siri’s system is an artificial intelligence system that isn’t just entertaining, but adds an intuitive angle to just about any question someone dreams up.

As a result, the Siri software may bring in many customers who want to use such a service for day-to day search requests, as well as advertisers who want to connect Siri with ranked search results.

Of course, Siri will still tell users she loves them if they need the affirmation, making the relationship between an iPhone and its user a bit more reciprocal.

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