Twitter Loses Executives, Forges Ahead

Twitter Loses Executives, Forges Ahead

Twitter is losing top executives even as co-founder Jack Dorsey steps up his role at the company, highlighting the social network’s struggle with growing pains.

Twitter Communication executive Sean Garrett and director Lynn Fox announced their resignations last week, joining a growing list of Twitter alumni who have left the booming company for other projects in recent months.

Mike Abbott, engineering vice president, left nearly one month after chief scientist Abdur Chowdhury resigned in mid-September. Twitter VC investors Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet of USV and Spark Capital quit the board two months ago as well.

Twitter described its employees’ departures as routine, saying, “It’s natural that some employees may move on to other adventures as the company and its business continues to mature.”

TechCrunch, however, reports vice president of consumer marketing Pam Kramer left in July when co-founder Jack Dorsey took over her role.

Dorsey became more deeply involved in Twitter’s operations last year and his renewed presence at the company he founded reportedly caused differences among some staff members unused to his rigorous approach.

Dorsey, who manages both Twitter and mobile payment company Square, divides his time between the two with a no-nonsense calendar. Mondays, for example, signal management meetings at both headquarters while Thursdays are devoted to developers and partnerships.

CEO Dick Costolo did not comment on how departing employees and Dorsey’s tight schedule are impacting the fledgling company, instead telling CNN Twitter is building a strong and promising management team.

Costolo also cited Twitter’s upward trajectory as proof of its well being, saying the $8 billion social network is processing one billion tweets every five days.

Indeed, as mobile networking expands, Twitter is soaring ahead. The San Francisco, Calif.-based company gained widespread notoriety from it’s integration with iOS 5, its role in the Middle Eastern uprisings and Occupy movements and usefulness in the political and financial spheres.

In Dorsey’s words, “The advertisers keep coming back and back and back,” testifying to the fact that despite Twitter’s growing pains, it is definitely also growing both in fame and fortune.

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