Siri Can Start Your Car, Too

Siri Can Start Your Car, Too

Apple’s Siri voice-recognition system can now start a car, adding another dimension of uses to the iPhone 4S.

Brandon Fiquett, a developer and engineer, figured out a way to combine Viper’s SmartStart program, which lets him start his Acura through his phone, with Siri to start up his Acura.

“The command is sent from Siri to a Viper server, then relayed via cellular connection to the car. The car then broadcasts an update via RF to the key chain remote,” wrote Fiquett on his YouTube page, where he displayed a video of his creation. “It can arm/disarm as well.”

Fiquett’s discovery is interesting, but it may also present another security issue for Siri if the nature of the hack becomes better known.

A default setting already lets anyone who picks up the iPhone 4S send emails and texts or access a user’s address book, calendar and personal information simply by speaking into it and activating Siri without a passcode, even when the phone itself is password-protected.

The plugin Fiquett created interacts with a script that allows him to send commands to any car registered through the Viper SmartStart system.

Fiquett’s hack allows him to ask Siri to start his car, lock the doors, open the trunk and even turn on the car alarms. Many iPhone apps already unlock car locks, but the hack allows cars to be controlled by voice, without having to tote the car’s remote starter controller along.

People who are technically proficient may also be able to re-program their own iPhones to use voice to start their cars by following Fiquett’s directions, which he carefully documented for all to see through his YouTube video. However, there is no video posting of a remedy for those who follow Fiquett’s example and suffer a security lapse or damage their phones.

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