20 Gadgets of Christmas: Photojojo Macro Lens Band

20 Gadgets of Christmas: Photojojo Macro Lens Band

Day 10: Smartphone cameras have improved greatly over the past few years, and the Photojojo Macro Lens Band brings gives users an easy way to bring their photos to the next level.

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What it is: A small lens attached to a blue rubber band that fits around most smartphones.

What it does: Allows users to take close-up macro shots with their smartphone camera.

Why it’s great: It’s easy to carry around and eliminates one of the limits of lenses on mobile phones.

How much it costs: $15

Where to get it: Photojojo.com

The Macro Lens Band gives the ability to take high quality close-up photos with sharp details, allowing users to share more of their memories than ever before.

Several camera accessories, such as mounts, lenses and adaptors, are available for smartphones, but many of them are very expensive, and most change the form factor of the device, making it difficult to carry around. Most accessories also only work with one particular device, making them useless if the phone owner switches phones.

The Macro Lens Band fits easily around smartphones without making them bulkier, and can also be stored around a card in a wallet or on the user’s wrist when not in use. When the opportunity for a great close-up photo arises, the band can be attached in seconds to take photos that will last forever, working as a magnifying glass to the eye of the phone’s lens.

Photography enthusiasts may not get everything they desire out of the Macro Lens, but for users who casually take photos with their smartphones and want to add more functionality, it’s the perfect option.

The Macro Lens doesn’t break the bank, is very easy to use and works with most of today’s handsets, making it a great gift for just about everyone that has ever taken a picture with their smartphone.

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