20 Gadgets of Christmas: Big Blue Tabletop Speaker

20 Gadgets of Christmas: Big Blue Tabletop Speaker

Day 11: The Big Blue Tabletop Wireless Speaker lets users listen to the music on Bluetooth-capable devices without having to get up to change the song or volume.

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What it is: Wireless speaker that syncs up with users’ devices to play sound.

What it does: Provides high quality audio that fills even the largest of rooms.

Why it’s great: It has two built-in speakers that allow the device to throw off sound in multiple directions.

How much it costs: $150

Where to get it: Amazon.com

The Big Blue Tabletop Speaker can placed on a desk and paired with several different devices, like the iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android smartphones, laptop computers and others. But it is also compact enough to be easily picked up and moved to other locations.

The Big Blue wireless speaker can be powered by an AC adapter, in addition to a battery that holds a charge for over five hours of audio playback.

Shoppers who buy their loved ones Big Blue will be giving them the ability to listen to several different kinds of media. Users can enjoy Big Blue with the movies they’re watching on a laptop or iPad, to listen to music on their iPod, or even to get better sound out of the games and apps on their smartphones.

Big Blue has steep competition in its category from companies known for putting out products with pristine sound quality, like Bose. However, Big Blue’s two-speaker design allows it to produce great sound that fills a room in all directions, and its compatibility with nearly all Bluetooth devices makes it an option for many different types of users.

The Big Blue speaker may carry a price tag that some may think is reserved for only big brand names like Bose, but the quality of the sound and functionality of the Tabletop make it a strong option.

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