RadioShack Offers IPhone Discounts

RadioShack is offering discounts on iPhones this week, as Apple ramps up savings, hoping to dominate over sales of rival Android phones during the holiday shopping rush.

The retailer is taking $30 off each AT&T-based iPhone, including the recently released iPhone 4S, when customers sign a two-year service contract, according to BGR. After the discount, prices range from $70 for the 8-gigabyte iPhone 4 to $370 for the 64-gigabyte iPhone 4S. The sale will run through Saturday, December 17.

The iPhone 4S, released in October, continues to break sales records and was the top-selling smartphone for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in November. Apple likely wants to keep up the momentum, especially since Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is fast on the iPhone’s heels, taking second place at all three carriers and becoming T-Mobile’s top-selling device.

Sales on Apple products are notoriously rare, but the company itself offered similar discounts on its phones and tablets on Black Friday. Android smartphones from Samsung and HTC outsold the iPhone by volume in the third quarter of this year, and Apple likely wants to remain competitive and stay one step ahead.

RadioShack customers can save even more money by trading in older iPhones and earning a “Trade & Save” credit. The amount of the credit will be determined by the condition of the used device, ranging anywhere between $100 and $200, and will be applied immediately to in-store purchases.

Discounts and trade-ins at RadioShack’s retail outlets could sway shoppers to choose the iPhone over its competitors, and allow Apple to continue its reign of dominance in the smartphone market.

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