Microsoft Ports Game to IOS, Eases Anti-Apple Stance

Microsoft Ports Game to IOS, Eases Anti-Apple Stance

Microsoft is porting “Kinectimals,” its popular Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 game, to iOS, signaling the company’s easing stance to give up an advantage to expand to competitors’ platforms.

Kinectimals on the iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for $3 in Apple’s App Store. The game is a direct copy of the Windows Phone 7 title and allows players to unlock five new cubs that can be used in the Xbox 360 version of the game.

It may seem unconventional for a Windows game to pop up on the iPhone, but Microsoft has shown willingness to develop its popular software for Apple’s products in the past. The company is reportedly working on a version of the Microsoft Office Suite for the iPad and iPhone, and has already put out a OneNote mobile app for iOS.

Microsoft’s port of Kinectimals is a follow up to the “My Xbox Live” app the company launched on iOS late last week.

Analysts believed that Microsoft would keep its Xbox properties as Windows Phone exclusives in attempts to appeal to and lure gamers to its new mobile devices, but the gaming market on iOS may be too large to ignore. Smartphone gaming has skyrocketed, with the iPhone taking the title as the Guinness World Book of Records’ fastest-selling portable gaming device.

Apple claims to have shipped more than 200 million iOS devices since the original iPhone launched in 2007. Microsoft could gain some customers by keeping its content only on Windows Phone devices, but it will likely make even more money by supporting opposing platforms.

Microsoft has sold more than 50 million Xbox 360 consoles since the system’s launch in 2005, making it one of the strongest divisions of the tech giant. Some of those users may choose to pick up a Windows Phone to take advantage of features like Xbox Remote, but the majority will likely seek out content from Microsoft on the devices they already own.

Kinectimals and the My Xbox Live app now give iPhone owners a taste of Microsoft content on their devices, and the apps give the company a chance to reach a wide new audience with its products, a winning proposition for all involved, especially gamers.

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