20 Gadgets of Christmas: IoSafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive

20 Gadgets of Christmas: IoSafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive

Day 14: Standard portable hard drives plastic casing makes them vulnerable on the move, but ioSafe’s Rugged portable hard drive gives users space, speed and peace of mind.

Who needs the 12 Days of Christmas? 20 Gadgets of Christmas is our daily column showcasing the best gifts this holiday season.

What it is: A portable hard drive that is literally bulletproof

What it does: Stores any type of file from a Mac or PC, supports USB 3.0

Why it’s great: The Rugged is the most durable portable drive on the market.

How much it costs: $190 for the 500-gigabyte version or $140 after a mail-in rebate

Where to get it: Amazon.com

People who use their computers every day for work and pleasure know that space fills up quickly, and there is no safer place to store your favorite photos, music library or important work documents than on the ioSafe Rugged drive.

Regular portable hard drives can often prove to be fragile and unreliable. Even the most careful of users can’t help it if their drive shuffles around in their laptop bag or takes an accidental fall off the desk. Unfortunately, these drives are often unrecoverable after these incidents, leading to lost files and frustration.

The ioSafe Rugged portable hard drive is built to withstand the worst possible conditions. The drive is crush resistant up to 5,000 pounds, can be fully immersed in diesel fuel, oils or hydraulic fluid and can take continuous exposure to UV rays, blowing sand and rain. In addition, the Rugged can handle full submersion in up to ten feet of water for a 72-hour period, keeping user’s data safe through potential floods.

The Rugged drive is the perfect gift for users who value their data as much as they value their physical possessions. Giving the Rugged hard drive this Christmas is giving peace of mind, as recipients can be certain no matter where they go or what they do, their most precious files safe from nearly anything that can be thrown at them.

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