20 Gadgets of Christmas: LifeProof IPhone Case

20 Gadgets of Christmas: LifeProof IPhone Case

Day 17: The LifeProof case gives iPhone users peace of mind no matter where they may be going with their device, whether it’s underwater, in the ocean or on the ski slopes.

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What it is: A full enclosure case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

What it does: Protects the iPhone better than any case around without making it too big to comfortably carry in your pocket.

Why it’s great: It makes your iPhone waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof.

How much it costs: $80

Where to get it: Lifeproof.com

Most iPhone cases from major brands cost as much as $40 and protect the device from everyday nicks and scratches, but are useless in more extreme circumstances. The LifeProof case is a bit more expensive, but it’s only a fraction of what users will have to pay for a new iPhone if that cheaper case doesn’t get the job done.

An iPhone equipped with a LifeProof case can withstand drops of more than six feet and function in up to six- and-a-half feet of water. Whether users want to protect their iPhone from daily spills and accidents or bring the device in the pool to capture video, no other case on the market has the credibility of the LifeProof in the water.

The LifeProof case only adds 1.5-millimeters to the overall size of the iPhone and weighs in at less than an ounce. Its sleek design allows users to get maximum protection with a minimum amount of bulk.

LifeProof does provide great protection for the iPhone, but some drawbacks could turn off some users. In order to be completely waterproof at all times, a screw-in plug is used to cover the headphone jack and an included adapter must be used to plug in many standard headphones and wires. Similarly, a small plastic door covers the charging port when it’s not in use.

These small inconveniences may bother some, but the protection the LifeProof case offers and the ability it gives users to take their iPhones everywhere make it one of the best accessories available for Apple’s smartphone.

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