20 Gadgets of Christmas: The Woogie 2

20 Gadgets of Christmas: The Woogie 2

Day 19: The iPhone and iPod Touch are pretty cool toys for adults, but putting them in the Woogie 2 protective case makes them perfect for kids to play with as well.

Who needs the 12 Days of Christmas? 20 Gadgets of Christmas is our daily column showcasing the best gifts this holiday season.

What it is: The Woogie 2 is a soft plush case for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

What it does: Allows young kids to watch videos, listen to music or play games on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Why it’s great: It gives parents peace of mind and lets kids have a good time.

How much it costs: $20.

Where to get it: Griffintechnology.com

The Woogie, made by Griffin, lets Apple device owner turn their gadgets into plush toys, giving kids something to play with while insulating the device from the wear-and-tear of childhood reindeer games.

The case looks like a regular stuffed animal that resembles an octopus, with a compartment for the iPhone or iPod Touch in its head. Its limbs are long and wide enough to create an ad-hoc stand for the device for easy viewing of videos and other media. Its soft, plush texture also makes the case huggable and squeezable, as well as offers padding from inevitable drops and crushing in little hands.

Woogie comes in both blue and pink and provides a safe haven for a user’s device while a child plays with it. It’s the perfect gift for a parent who is constantly handing their iPhone off to their child, and also works as a present from a parent to a child.

Handing children the Woogie gives them time with Apple’s smartphone and mp3 player, while also providing its owner peace of mind. It’s not the flashiest gadget on the market this holiday season, but it’s a cuddly one that’ll keep devices safe and kids happy.

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