A Toaster to Dock Your IPhone

A Toaster to Dock Your IPhone

An iPhone dock resembles an old-fashioned toaster, bringing retro charm to Apple’s modern device.

Singapore-based Gavio released the “Toast,” a dock with a sound station, designed to look like a drop-down bread toaster. The eye-catching gadget carries dual 50-millimeter speakers, powered by a three-watt amplifier that could lead people to use Toast in many other rooms besides the kitchen.

It’s also powered by a lithium-ion battery, allowing it to go completely wireless.

The device follows Gavio’s Pill, an iPod Nano docking system shaped like an over-sized medicine capsule, adding to the fun gadgets the company offers. Gavio says Toast is available for pre-order, but hasn’t yet set prices for it. The device will likely be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this month.

As technology becomes more modern, many companies are recognizing that people still enjoy the good old days, and like devices that remind them of yesteryear.

For example, South Korea-based Kee Utility last year released a Desk Phone Dock, which transforms an iPhone into a traditional wired desk phone. The dock has built-in stereo speakers, a microphone, volume control, instant mute, works off of USB or AC power, and charges the iPhone.

Another device, the Audman case, turns iPhones into Walkman-style devices, letting people enjoy the modern technology of today while taking a walk back into time to simpler days.

Inspired by Sony’s once high-tech portable cassette player, the Audman encases the iPhone or iPod Touch in an ABS plastic shell. It also features functional analog-style buttons that run along the side of the case, giving users buttons they can press to turn up the volume and skip tracks.

Toast, though, could attract a different type of buyer — one that appreciates not only iconic technological designs, but devices that serve as both a work of art as well as technological purpose.

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