Facebook Lets Friends Listen to Music, Together

Facebook rolled out “Listen With,” a feature to share songs on Spotify and Rdio with friends, creating a true joint experience on the social network.

“Being able to click on someone’s music and play it is a great experience,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at F8 last year, while demonstrating the feature. “But knowing that you helped a friend discover something new is awesome.”

Users can listen to music in unison with friends while chatting, allowing for an environment where friends can openly listen to and discover music together on the web.

“Listen With” allows users on Facebook to become personal DJs for their friends. Once one user is locked with another, they gain access to whatever music their friend chooses to play. The feature is a lot like Turntable.fm, which offers similar functionality, but does not benefit from the same robust user base and social media features as Facebook.

Facebook’s new music sharing tool comes shortly after the social network instituted an aesthetic overhaul to profile pages with Timeline. Users report mixed reviews to the forced changes, but the move attempts to keep the social network fresh as competition emerges.

Google has begun advertising Google+ along with its smartphones, Twitter use is at an all- time high, and the mobile social network Path has also begun to gain popularity.

Users looking for a social experiencing while listening to music will likely be happy about “Listen With.” The Rdio and Spotify libraries give members a tremendous catalog of music to choose from, which will likely go a long way in attracting several different types of users. Time will tell if it becomes the next big thing on Facebook.

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