Cold? Use Gloves with That Touchscreen

A Dutch company is marketing high-tech, conductive gloves so wearers can keep their hands warm while using touchscreens, a solution that could find wide acceptance as people use their mobile devices in all kinds of weather.

The Mujjo Next-Generation Touchscreen Gloves allow wearers to “use all fingertips, knuckles and even the palm of the hand,” providing the user with more options for interacting with their touch screen since all areas of the glove are usable.

The winter gloves work with all capacitive touchscreen smartphones and tablets by sensing the conductive properties of the user’s skin. Touchscreens won’t work with ordinary gloves, because they block the wearer’s skin from directly touching the screen, but the Mujjo gloves use silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the gloves’ fabric to alleviate this problem.

More people than ever are using mobile devices, and the gloves will likely sell well among people who want to use their phones outside without getting cold, such as at sporting events or even on the streets. The gloves could also suit the military, as many troops are outfitted with iPads and other mobile devices while in the field.

Regular touchscreen gloves normally restrict use to one or two fingertips, but since the special fibers are woven throughout the Mujjo gloves, the wearer can use a whole hand or even a knuckle or palm to work their mobile devices.

The gloves cost $35 a pair and come in two unisex sizes, small/medium and medium/largem and are available on the Fountainhead International Group’s website. The product may be worth the investment among people who need to keep their hands warm while using touchscreens out in the cold weather.

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