Apple, Twitter Deepen Ties with Mac OS

Apple, Twitter Deepen Ties with Mac OS

The latest Mac OS provides a direct pipeline to Twitter, deepening the relationship between Apple and the social media platform and leaving Facebook out of the equation.

Apple today released a developer preview of the latest version of Mac OS X, called Mountain Lion. The OS update will closely tie several third-party social services to Apple’s operating environment and allow people to post directly from other services to Twitter.

Mac integration represents the next stage in a steadily increasing relationship between Apple and Twitter. Last year, Apple integrated the popular social media platform with its mobile devices in an iOS update. IOS 5 streamlined how people connect via Apple’s mobile devices by offering a one-time sign-in to all Twitter apps and the ability to tweet from iPad and iPhone apps with a single click.

Twitter experienced a surge in growth after Apple integrated it in iOS 5. Now, the social media site stands to gain again as it gets placed front-and-center on the Mac as well, with the Mountain Lion update.

Mountain Lion will enable users to share links, photos and videos directly between Twitter and a Mac with a single sign on, just like they can from iOS devices.

For example, users could select a photo from iPhoto or a Web link on Apple’s Safari browser and share it to Twitter instantly right from their Mac, as well as sharing Twitter postings between their Mac and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

This added Mac integration will also give Twitter a potential edge over rival Facebook, making it easy for Apple fans to share photos, events and postings on Twitter from either their mobile devices or their Mac, and making them less likely to choose another social media platform.

As Facebook seeks to gain users and boost advertising revenue to impress investors for its first public stock sale, Twitter could be the one gaining in numbers. After the Mountain Lion update, Facebook won’t likely gain among Mac users who find it easy to give Twitter a try first, due to its prominent presence on their system.

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion update also brings Mac functionality closer to what iPad and iPhone users now find familiar, bringing the Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s Mac OS a step closer to iOS in look and feel.

Mountain Lion’s mirroring of iOS features will unite Apple’s products even more strongly under a single umbrella and increase the “halo effect” iOS device have on Macs, possibly boosting sales among iPad or iPhone fans looking for a desktop or laptop.

Twitter will likely share in that halo as well, as its relationship with Apple grows deeper and Mac users start tweeting with ease.

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