Snuggle Up to Steve Jobs

Snuggle Up to Steve Jobs

A stuffed Steve Jobs toy is paying tribute to the late great Apple founder, but just like other homages, it may be blocked before hitting the market.

Cleverly dubbed the iCEO, the toy from pillow-maker Throwboy is 15-inches tall and outfitted with Jobs’ iconic uniform of a black mock turtleneck and jeans. Complete with removable wire-rimmed glasses and a wry smile, the limited-edition toy is available for pre-order through Throwboy’s website.

Millions, even billions, of people will remember where they were when they heard Jobs passed away, much in the way people remember the death of other leaders who inspired them, like John F. Kennedy or John Lennon. Many celebrate his accomplishments, and that emotion translates into a cottage industry of Jobs merchandise.

Throwboy plans to manufacture 1,200 of the iCEO, sold for $60 each with a maximum of two per order for an August 2012 shipment. Additionally, 10 percent of the profits go to American Cancer Society. Creator Roberto Hoyos told Mashable the product “comes from a place of love” for someone who had a great impact on his life.

“Here at Throwboy, we won’t forget how we were indulged by the man in the black mock turtleneck,” says the Throwboy website. “Instead, we celebrate the life of this inspiring person whose raving passion for all things tech kept us craving innovation and lusting after his creativity.”

But Apple may object to the toy, regardless of good intention.

Throwboy maintains the product is a way to memorialize Jobs, but Apple has shunned past attempts at physical representations of its founder. Production for an action figure from In Icons that presented remarkably life-life detail was halted after requests from Jobs’ family and Apple’s legal team.

A similar product, a four-inch tall action figure from MIC Gadgets, was removed from the market in 2010, when Apple claimed the product violated copyrights and trademarks.

But those with great respect for Jobs are eager to buy mementos and learn more about his life. While online orders the action figures were immensely popular before being pulled, Jobs’ biography was a top seller in 2011, and Sony is working to develop the book into a biopic focusing on how Jobs created Apple.

Throwboy’s new product is a way for Jobs’ admirers to remember the engineer and visionary who defined early 21st century technology. But, given how past attempts to honor Jobs were received, Apple could interpret it as an invasive, even insensitive, type of memorial and the Jobs family may object to its distribution.

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