Keeping Up with the… Zuckerbergs?

Keeping Up with the… Zuckerbergs?

Bravo plans to produce a “Silicon Valley” reality TV show, which pries into the private lives of top technology execs, giving audiences a peek into the lives of the rich and powerful.

A promotional video for the program promises, “Silicon Valley is like high school, but it’s only the smart kids, and everyone has a lot of money,” foreshadowing plenty of interpersonal drama. Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi, is the show’s executive producer.

Bravo hasn’t released a cast list, but Zuckerberg’s association may help draw big names. Creative Artists Agency, or CAA, represents both Randi and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, so he may appear, and AllThingsD picked out website The Next Web’s Hermione Way in the promo, so she could show up in the series. Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted his disdain about the show, making him an unlikely candidate for reality stardom.

The promo’s promised exploits may make for good television, but they may not bolster the images of the businesses represented onscreen, as salacious hijinks are generally not the mark of consummate professionals.

At the same time, the unflattering portrait of Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network” did not hurt Facebook’s reputation, although it was clearly a fictional portrayal, not a documentary. Only time will tell if Ashton Kutcher’s upcoming turn as Steve Jobs tarnishes the Apple founder’s legacy, but it is not very likely to hurt iPhone sales.

People are increasingly curious about tech titans, with innovators like Jobs gaining movie-star level fame, so this show has a strong premise to attract viewers. The subjects of the program, however, will likely be judged based on their actions, which may affect their businesses. The show is a no-brainer for Bravo, but may leave viewers scratching their heads about why such smart people want their daily lives mined for entertainment value.

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