These 5 Apps for the Romantically-Challenged Will Turn You Into the Next Casanova.

These 5 Apps for the Romantically-Challenged Will Turn You Into the Next Casanova.

Some people are preternaturally gifted at navigating the tricky waters of interpersonal relationships. But for the other 99.999999 percent, a slew of apps exist to help jump in (and out of) romantic entanglements.

1. OK Cupid

If you’re looking to get into a relationship, popular dating website OK Cupid boasts an easy-to-use and comprehensive app that makes it simple to connect with people on the go. Singles can upload photos and take a wide variety of tests to find their match — and their data gets analyzed with surprising results. Many mobile dating sites have yet to translate their Web experience effectively to mobile, but OK Cupid’s app widens the base of potential suitors for both genders.

2. Savage Love

Now that you’ve successfully secured a lover with OK Cupid, you might encounter some problems — perhaps your new partner has unexpected demands, strange personal eccentricities or you bicker with their family members. Luckily, advice is available right at your fingertips, with relationship advice columnist Dan Savage bringing his popular platitudes to the App Store. Download to listen to his advice to others about their most embarrassing and intimate problems — or call in and ask him yourself. Savage is renowned for his humor, frankness and sometimes contrarian approach to advice, so fans may want to brace themselves.

3. Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

If Savage Love couldn’t show you how to fix romantic problems, this app offers a more cut-and-dry approach, charting the course of a relationship over a two-week period and culminating in a yes or no answer to an ever-bedeviling problem. For serial daters, it keeps track of how multiple relationships fared, letting the polyamorous compare notes on their various romantic interests and potentially turning your dating life into a scientific or sociological experiment.

4. How About We

And if the data algorithms of OK Cupid left you with a paramour worth dumping, How About We might provide another dating solution. A newer dating site, How About We creates “offline” dating opportunities centered around activities users want to share with a date, encouraging them to find each other on their mobile devices and then take the new connection out into the world.

5. Date Escape

If all else fails and you wind up on a terrible date as the result of your online encounters, Date Escape provides a foolproof exit strategy for people unwilling to sit in awkward silence at a chain restaurant for more than a couple of minutes. Date Escape places phony texts and phone calls to the user’s phone to help fake a situation where they need to leave immediately, making it easier to slip out of a bad date.

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