Nothing But Leftovers? This App Can Turn You an Amazing Chef.

Nothing But Leftovers? This App Can Turn You an Amazing Chef.

When you’re at a loss when someone asks what’s for dinner, Foodily comes to the rescue.

Everyone’s hungry and it’s your turn to cook dinner. For people tired of whipping up the same old over and over, finding new recipes online can be a daunting process. Foodily’s mobile app uses custom searches to find food you actually want to eat, and it incorporates social media into the mix for extra fun.

What’s the App?

Foodily’s app lets users browse recipes from award-winning chefs and small but inventive blogs, creating what they describe as “playlists for food.” It connects with Facebook, so amateur cooks can broadcast their recipe favorites on Timeline.

People looking for specific types of food, like gluten-free offerings or dinners kids will actually eat, can set their preferences and get linked up with people posting recipes in the categories of their choice. Users can compare the calorie and nutritional content of different dishes, and identify which ingredients they want to put in their culinary creation. The app is free, but only available for Apple users.

You’ll Want It If…

Foodily isn’t simply a mobile version of a cookbook — it’s a dynamic collection of food favorites meant to be shared, so the social media-inclined will love it. It’s also a good way to aggregate dishes made to certain specification, so people following special diets or with food allergies can quickly find an appropriate recipe. Users connected with Facebook can compare different recipes for the same dish, so deciding on which variation to make is easier than ever.

It’s Not My Thing — What Else Ya Got?

If you’re looking for a straight-up cookbook app, something like Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals app might be more your speed.

For iPad lovers with an aversion to getting their hands dirty, the Gilt Taste iPad app might also sound more appetizing — it features special technology that allows users to turn pages without touching the screen, making it easier to browse with sticky kitchen fingers.

Or if you’re not a fan of homemade dishes but want to find a nice place to eat out, downloading the Yelp app hooks people up with millions of honest restaurant reviews.

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