These Atari Hits Are Throwback Gold for Your Phone.

These Atari Hits Are Throwback Gold for Your Phone.

Who needs “Angry Birds” when you can get “Pong” on your smartphone now?

If you were around in the 1970s and 80s, or you just think old-timey games are fun to play, Atari’s “Greatest Hits” provides a fun trip down memory lane, moving classic video game titles to mobile devices and bringing the joy of Pong to a whole new generation.

What’s the App?

Atari’s Greatest Hits comes loaded with one free game, Missile Control, and it provides access to over 100 titles at an additional cost. People can buy game packages for $1 or the entire catalog for $10. Some of the more popular, famous titles include Centipede, Pong and Asteroids. The app is available for Apple and Android phones.

You’ll Want It If…

This sort of gaming is all about having fun — no fancy graphics or complicated back story, so anyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of keeping the pong ball afloat or firing lasers at centipedes. It’s perfect for casual gamers looking for a distraction on the subway or a quick diversion in line at the grocery store.

Kids will grasp the rules and adults can soak up memories of playing the original titles, while the hip and happening 18-to-24 crowd can use the app’s vintage charm as an excuse to play the addictive games. It’s also a great antidote for people strung out on “Angry Birds,” and with so many titles to choose from, it will be harder to get bored if you buy the entire package.

It’s Not My Thing… What Else Ya Got?

If you’re not into nostalgia and you’re looking for something more cutting-edge with a complicated plot, something like Modern War might be better for you, since it has a complex multi-player setup and features retina graphics. This definitely isn’t an app for people looking for immersive roleplay, but it’s fantastic for gamers looking to unwind and have a little lighthearted fun.

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