When You Need Cash, This App Keeps More In Your Pockets.

When You Need Cash, This App Keeps More In Your Pockets.

XE Currency tells international business types just how much dough they’re rolling in, whether in dollars, pounds, euros, or even precious metals.

International travelers often run up against confusing currency rates, leading to big tipping mistakes that can lead to deliriously happy or virulently angry servers, burst budgets and decimated bank accounts for frequent fliers. To avoid currency-related quandaries, the XE Currency app takes care of the tedious calculations for you.

What’s the App?

XE is a comprehensive currency app that can tell you how much money you have in every currency in the world, including precious metals. The app is updated every minute for the most accurate rates, so you’ll always know exactly what you owe. Best of all: it comes for free on Apple and Android.

You’ll Want It If…

Clearly, XE’s Currency app isn’t an app for homebodies who stay in their native land — this app is really only useful if you travel, or if you conduct international business, or you just like to keep abreast of currency trends. If you do any of these things, this is the most wide-ranging and easy-to-use currency converting app on the market, so it’s a handy tool to add to your app collection.

In addition to providing rates and calculating prices, the XE app can keep track of 10 different exchanges at a time, so international businesspeople may find it useful when conducting transactions with various global partners.

It’s Not My Thing — What Else Ya Got?

If you’d rather keep track of the money you have instead of look at how to pony it up in foreign denominations, you might find Shoeboxed more helpful: it keeps track of receipts and helps maintain an accurate record of transactions.

Or if you’re a traveler looking to say “Thank you” to your waitress instead of calculating how much to tip her, the Lonely Planet’s phrasebook apps might be a more appealing download choice.

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