If You Hate Business Card, This App Will Be Your Best Friend. Trust Me.

If You Hate Business Card, This App Will Be Your Best Friend. Trust Me.

You can throw out that Rolodex now: CardMunch helps store and organize contact information from business cards quickly and easily.

Even in the age of constant online social networking, people still often hand out their business cards. Although it looks professional to have one handy, keeping an organized collection of your contacts’ cards is an unnecessary annoyance — especially now that CardMunch is on the scene.

What’s the App?

CardMunch stores and organizes business cards digitally, so users can throw away the physical card after snapping a photo. LinkedIn runs the app, so it connects up to users’ accounts, facilitating networking without all the cardboard rectangles cluttering up wallets. It also takes contact details and names from the cards and organizes the information so people can e-mail or call their new business associates, and has an option to put the details directly into the iPhone’s contact book.

Some users reported trouble syncing the contacts onto the iPhone, but most experienced few problems, although it takes at least 10 minutes to get the cards transcribed. CardMunch is available for free from Apple, but there isn’t an Android version available yet.

You’ll Want It If…

If you get handed business cards regularly and you have an iPhone and a LinkedIn account, it’s a fantastic resource. You can add personal notes to each stored business card, so it’s a great way to remember contacts’ distinguishing characteristics, since people can add details about where they met the card owner or what they look like.

It’s Not My Thing, What Else Ya Got?

There are a number of other business card readers, including the appropriately named Business Card Reader, which is available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows as well as Apple — but it costs $5 and doesn’t integrate with LinkedIn. There’s also BizSnap for Apple users, which works in a similar way, but even though the app is free it costs money to upload the pictures — $6 for unlimited processing.

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