Apple Sues Motorola Over Droid, Patents

Apple sued Motorola this past week, claiming that the Droid software infringed on several iPhone patents.

In a nine-page statement sent to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, Apple said that “Motorola’s infringing activities have caused and will continue to cause Apple irreparable harm, for which it has no adequate remedy at law, unless Motorola’s infringing activities are enjoined.”

Specifically, Cupertino, California-based Apple states that six touch screen applications and displays have been duplicated and modified only slightly, but that the original models are clearly a reproduction. The company is hoping to make Motorola cease and desist any manufacturing that violates their claim, while Motorola is expected to fight back.

Motorola, meanwhile, said that it has yet to review Apple’s lawsuit claims, but that it intends to “pursue litigation to halt Apple’s continued infringement.”

The iPhone, which makes up for nearly 43 percent of Apple’s revenue, is becoming increasingly competitive, and patents are of particular importance in a territory that is becoming increasingly tense.

Microsoft also sued Motorola in October, for another case of apparent patent misuse. Nokia has also found itself in intellectual property litigation.

Motorola, which plans to split into two separate businesses next year, claims Android as its only operating system for smartphones. A loss could directly affect its ability to develop, manufacture, and sell its wireless products. Sales of Androids accounted for a 20 percent revenue boost in the most recent quarter report, with 3.8 million smartphones sold. Profits have totaled up to nearly $3 million.

Apple’s iPhone will soon be sold through Verizon, which also happens to be a critical Motorola partner. It has also filed for a new patent on scratch-resistant metal called “Nitriding Stainless Steel for Consumer Electronic Products.”

Sanjay Jha, Motorola co-CEO, realized that the company was under stress and scrutiny, buy that his corporation is facing positive prospects for business.

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