Galaxy S Better Than iPhone, Consumer Reports Says

Samsung’s Galaxy S beat out the iPhone to take the top spot in Consumer Reports’ smartphone rankings.

The independent consumer watchdog ranked two Galaxy S models — the Captivate from AT&T and Vibrant from T-Mobile — as the top smartphones available in the U.S., giving them each 76 points.

Both models run on Google’s Android operating system.

Consumer Reports scored each phone based on voice quality, ease of use, battery capacity, camera quality and other criteria.

Android phones also took the second-place spot on the list, with the Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 from Verizon, tying for second with 75 points on the magazine’s scale.

The iPhone 3GS and HTC Aria from AT&T, shared third with 74 points, along with Sprint’s HTC Evo. With the exception of the iPhone, all the models in the top three spots run on Android.

Other ranking handsets include the HTC Droid Incredible with 73 points, and the LG Ally and T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, both scoring 72 points.

The magazine still does not recommend the iPhone 4, cautioning buyers against purchasing the device.

In July, Consumer Reports reported a hardware defect in the iPhone 4′s antenna design, which caused the device to lose reception when held a certain way, prompting Apple to give away free cases to alleviate the problem.

However, the magazine said it still wouldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 because Apple put the responsibility of a remedy on the owner.

“The iPhone 4 is a fine performer. However, Consumer Reports’ tests found that if you touch a gap on the phone’s lower left side, you could lose your connection,” the magazine stated. “Apple says to call customer service to request a free bumper to alleviate the problem.”

The new rankings come amid recent news that Android has leapfrogged over iOS to become the number two smartphone system used in the world.

With Consumer Reports’ recently released list of top smartphones being almost all Android-based models, the operating system shows no signs of stopping among consumers.

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