Steve Jobs Action Figure Taken Off Market

An action figure of Apple chief executive Steve Jobs has recently sold out online, after the iPhone maker filed a requested to stop the marketing and sale of the toy, citing copyright infringement.

China-based MIC Gadget, which created the four-inch plastic action figure of Jobs, said the toy features the his trademark black turtleneck, blue jeans, rimless glasses and New Balance sneakers.

The action figure even holds a tiny iPhone in its left hand, and comes with speech bubbles that allow users to write their own phrases for the figure’s dialogue.

MIC Gadget, which offered the figure for $80, sold out the initial batch of 300 figurines and was on the verge of announcing its next batch when Apple’s law firm sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company, stating the product violated the use of its copyrights and trademarks and requested the company immediately cease the marketing and sale of this figure.

The toy had gained much attention on the Internet, with many websites and blogs noting how the figure was holding the iPhone incorrectly, in the supposed “death grip” that causes signal loss on the iPhone 4.

The inconsistency did not hold back customers from buying the figure, which sold out completely.

The attention and sales point to Jobs’ place in popular imagination. The Apple CEO has gained fame for heading one of tech’s most innovative companies and is beloved among the brand’s evangelists for his forward thinking and vision.

However, he has also gained a good degree of notoriety for his remarks disparaging Apple rivals. He recently stated that rivals to his company’s iPad tablet device, such as Research in Motion’s upcoming PlayBook, were “dead on arrival” for their smaller screens.

This prompted a war of words between him and RIM co-CEO Jim Baisillie, who disparaged Apple’s “distortion field” of reality.

Jobs has also escalated battles between Apple and Adobe over the use of Flash and the refusal of Apple to support the popular web video and animation format.

The Apple chief executive shows no signs of stopping, despite a recent set of health problems, with upcoming product launches like the much-anticipated next-generation iPad tablet. While his action figure may no longer be available, he no doubt will continue to take on rivals and loom widely in the world of technology.

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