Motorola to Stream Video to Smartphones, Tablets in Homes

Motorola plans to introduce a product next year that will stream video to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as the company looks for new ways to differentiate itself from an increasingly-crowded market.

Motorola Mobility, the set-top box and handset division set to break away from Motorola on January 4, said the device will allow consumers to walk around their home while watching television and movies on their devices.

It will initially be for home use, given legal issues with moving content from place to place, and consumers will have to buy a gadget to make the technology work, but the technology will eventually be integrated into set-top boxes.

“It’s one consumer proposition that will come sooner rather than later,” said Daniel Moloney, Motorola Mobility’s President.

The Schaumburg, Ill.-based company today also announced plans to acquire 4Home, a software firm that develops applications to control the electricity and energy of a home via smartphones. Motorola said it plans to use 4Home’s technology for its video streaming product.

Streaming video-to-mobile is not new. Video streaming service Netflix has already offered a mobile app for certain smartphones and tablets. But Motorola’s technology relies on a gadget instead of a service.

Motorola said it will debut the product at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

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