IPhone Made from T-Rex Tooth and Meteor Costs $62,700

British jeweler Stuart Hughes has created a custom iPhone 4 fashioned with polished meteor stone and the tooth of a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, bringing a whole new level of history to the ultra-modern handset.

Hughes’ jewelry company GoldStriker has created the “iPhone 4 History Edition,” which features a custom-fitted handset backing made with 65-million-year-old polished meteor stone instead of the usual glass. The stone has the tooth of a T-Rex dinosaur splintered and shaved into the material, bringing a truly prehistoric touch to the Apple device.

“I have worked before with dinosaur in the past but I wanted to go fierce on this one,” Hughes said.

In an added touch of luxury, the device also features a bezel of diamonds as well as a platinum Apple logo. Hughes is producing of the History Edition model, which will retail for about $62,700.

Hughes’ company specializes in custom luxury electronics ranging from smartphones to laptops, and recently made headlines for making a custom iPhone that features $8 million dollars’ worth of diamonds.

And with a new custom handset featuring prehistoric meteor stone and the tooth of a T-Rex dinosaur, Hughes and GoldStriker adds another selection to their unique, expensive product line.

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