AT&T Introduces Dual-Core 4G Phone

AT&T today unveiled the Motorola Atrix, one of its first 4G smartphones, featuring a 1-gigahertz dual-core chip, 1-gigabytes of RAM and Android 2.2 software, for PC-like performance in a pocket.

The Dallas-Texas based carrier said the Atrix runs on its new HSPA-plus 4G network, for speedy Web surfing and downloads. It features a large 4.0-inch high-resolution touch screen — made of “QHD” display technology for 24-bit color graphics that refresh faster than other smartphones — as well as dual cameras — a 5.0-megapixel camera with high-definition video recording and a front-facing VGA lens for video chat.

AT&T said the Atrix will be released in the first quarter. Pricing and details will be announced at a later date.

The Atrix is part of the first slate of 4G smartphones for AT&T, along with the recently announced Samsung Infuse and HTC Inspire.

AT&T had a slower start in 4G service, compared to rivals Sprint and Verizon, but it plans to catch up with an ambitious launch of 20 4G smartphones in 2011. In addition, it is spending $700 million to expand 4G service through the year, anticipating coverage of 75 million customers by the end of next year.

In December, AT&T agreed to buy wireless spectrum from Qualcomm for $1.93 billion, in a move to boost its 4G network and quell criticism over the poor quality of its service.

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