Sprint Waives Fees to Japan, Follows AT&T, Verizon

Following AT&T and Verizon’s offer, Sprint is now waiving fees for calls and text messages to Japan, leaving T-Mobile as the only carrier yet to offer free service in the wake of the tsunami.

The Overland Park, Kan.-based carrier will offer free service from March 11 to April 10, matching Verizon’s offer, and lasting a week longer than AT&T’s deal, which ends on March 31.

Previously, Sprint had only said it would waive short codes for texts to donations.

T-Mobile is the only carrier yet to provide free calls and texts to Japan.

“We extend a heartfelt condolence to the people of Japan,” said Ralph Reid, Sprint’s vice president. “It is our hope that this support of the relief efforts will encourage our customers to give willingly.”

The devastating earthquake and tsunami has caused widespread destruction, damaging factories that make many critical parts, such as semiconductors and flash memory, which tech companies depend on.

Component shortages are expected as consumer electronics makers scramble to find additional sources of materials. Landslides knocked out roads and infrastructure, which could impede repairs in the near future.

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