Lonely? Subscribe to a Facebook Girlfriend

Lonely men on Facebook will soon be able to bolster their image among friends, thanks to a start-up offering a “virtual” girlfriend.

As part of the new “Cloud Girlfriend” service, the perfect — albeit imaginary — woman will post romantic messages on the user’s Facebook wall making it seem that that the couple is in a real long-distance relationship. The service will be manned by real people, and messages will not be automated.

“There will be no distinguishing features on social network profiles,” said David Fuhriman, Cloud Girlfriend’s co- founder. “It will appear as a real girlfriend, just a long-distance friend.”

While some might think having a fake girlfriend would feed a geek’s social phobia, Fuhriman insisted the service will boost self-confidence and help men find a real-life girlfriend. The service’s tagline is “the easiest way to get a girlfriend is to already have one.”

Cloud Girlfriend’s site claims that “due to high demand,” only a limited number of users can be accommodated. It urges people to “register early to get in line.” The site, which does not mention the proposed fee for the service, says the first step is for a user to define their “perfect” girlfriend.

But Cloud Girlfriend faces potential problems even before its launch. Facebook’s terms of service prohibit accounts that don’t belong to real people, so the company might try to shut down “girlfriend” accounts.

Fuhriman maintains that Facebook already has countless fake accounts. “There will always be more profiles of dogs and cats on social networks than there will ever be of Cloud Girlfriends.”

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