Steve Jobs in Carbonite? Like Han Solo, Only Better

At the intersection of geeky, creepy and awesome stands the Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone case, a testament to the endless potential for Apple accessories.

The case recreates the iconic “Star Wars” prop featuring Han Solo imprisoned in a block of bronze-looking “carbonite,” but replaces smuggler Harrison Ford with the Apple CEO, complete with sweater, jeans, glasses and claw-fingered pose.

The one-piece case, made by Society 6, is said to be made of impact-resistant, flexible plastic — not, regrettably, carbonite — and is available for the iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G for $35. The image is also for sale as a print, a laptop or iPad skin, or on a hoodie or t-shirt.

No word on whether users can thaw out the frozen Jobs for help with technical glitches or comment on privacy policies.

In November, China-based MIC Gadget released a Steve Jobs action figure, but Apple’s legal team quickly stopped the sale of the toy, citing copyright infringement. The carbonite case may suffer the same fate, so get it while you can.

This case stands out even in a field crowded with original efforts, including a case that turns the iPhone into an 80′s style brick phone and another that resembles an Etch-a-Sketch.

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