Planes to Play 3D Movies

Planes are getting 3D screens, in a move to give travelers an immersive movie experience.

MasterImage, the firm behind 3D technology without the need of special glasses, is now eying the airline and automobile industries. The company has declined to identify the specific airlines, but Roy Taylor, its executive vice president, said a licensing deal to outfit new and existing aircrafts with the ability to watch 3D shows is in the works.

Taylor said the new screens aren’t expected to make it into fleets another two to three years.

Adding 3D displays could help boost the industry and increase consumer demand for 3D content, but it also runs a risk of leaving them with a gimmicky impression.

The market has yet to completely adopt 3D displays, though a trickle of handsets, including the LG Thrill 4G and HTC Evo 3D, use the technology.

MasterImage, which recently raised $15 million from Samsung Ventures, is also in early talks with automakers about adding 3D in-car entertainment systems into luxury vehicles. The company is also looking for partners to release 3D smartphones and tablets. It worked with Hitachi to develop the “Wooo ,” one of the first 3D devices without the need of special glasses.

The screens create the illusion of 3D by sending slightly different images to each eye.

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