HTC Reaches Out to Women With Bliss

HTC Reaches Out to Women With Bliss

HTC is angling for the female demographic with its rumored Bliss handset, furthering the company’s aim to attract more niche customer segments.

Codenamed “Bliss,” an Android-powered phone believed to have a similar interface to the company’s Desire S and Desire Z models, is estimated be about a half-inch thick, with a camera in the back and a rubber back for better user grip.

The phone comes in a greenish-gray hue to provide a “calming” affect and is equipped along with “female-focused” apps for calorie-counting and shopping. An attached light-up accessory charm will notify users of incoming messages and missed calls.

Verizon is expected to sell the Bliss.

The phone may be part of HTC’s efforts to broaden the audience for its handsets, particularly to women. Surging in revenue as one of the world’s top Android handset makers, the Taiwan-based company’s customers are 70 percent male, so the female market is “one of the areas of opportunity to develop,” according to HTC’s chief product officer Kouji Kodera.

Targeting the feminine phone purchaser is one way the handset maker is looking to differentiate its phones so they stand apart from the flood of other Android devices.

HTC’s strategy may also aim to persuade female iPhone fans to defect to the new Bliss phone, since women are more likely to want an iPhone over Android-operated phones, according to market research firm Nielsen.

Other companies in the mobile phone market have attempted to aim products and services at the female audience before. Wireless carrier Verizon previously marketed the Palm Pre Plus as a phone for the “out-of-touch” mom who needed simple navigation and wireless messaging, although the phone itself was not developed to be gender specific.

Other handset makers simply offer pink models of their handsets, like a pink version of Nokia’s N8 smartphone.

Women are just as technologically ahead as men, who in fact, make more calls and texts and make use of social networking features more often than men on their mobile devices, according to Nielsen.

It remains to be seen if female consumers will gravitate towards phones like the HTC Bliss, or if they are content with more gender-neutral devices.

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