One Zuckerberg to Rule Them All

One Zuckerberg to Rule Them All

It’s pretty great being Mark Zuckerberg, that is, unless your name also happens to be Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark S. Zuckerberg, an Indianapolis-based bankruptcy attorney, had his Facebook account shut down because the social network site thought he was lying about his name, a problem he’s run into in the past.

“I was originally denied an account with Facebook two years ago because of my name,” Zuck2 said. “I had to send them copies of my driver’s license, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association license just to get them to believe that I exist and to allow me to set up my page.”

Facebook eventually reinstated his profile, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and the start of a new series of Zuckbergian problems. In fact, Zuck2, which also owns, a site created to explain that he is, indeed, a different person, has now come to realize that Zuck1 is perhaps the most powerful, and evil, of all the Mark Zuckerbergs.

“If you had Googled Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, you would have found me. No one else. Mark S. Zuckerberg, bankruptcy attorney,” Zuck2 wrote on his website. “If you had repeated the search two years later, you wouldn’t have found me at all. Now my name isn’t mine anymore. The website claims that only one Mark Zuckerberg exists in the entire U.S. Which one do you think they’re counting?”

Adding insult to injury, Zuck2 recently found out that Facebook removed his profile, again, claiming false identity.

“We haven’t gotten an answer from Facebook yet. I hope it’s all just a misunderstanding.” Zuck2 said. “But I suppose there are worse things. I could have had the fate of the poor guy in Office Space who was named Michael Bolton.”

Actually, there are 489 Michael Boltons listed on

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