Movie Shows Man Trapped Inside IPhones

A New York artist has created a clever three-screen iPhone movie, showcasing the creative possibilities of smartphones.

New York-based artist Ronen Verbit put together a short film that plays back across three iPhone screens. The film is actually three short videos playing simultaneously across three iPhones, synced against music by Anton Karas. Verbit performs a set of simple actions taking advantage of the split screens, creating an effect of a man trapped inside the phones.

Verbit’s film is not only meant to be seen on iPhones, but was shot with the Apple handset as well.

Verbit’s three-channel movie is the latest in a string of art experiments and films that take advantage of the increasingly high-quality of HD video on the iPhone. Renowned Korean director Park Chan-Wook earlier this year screened a 30-minute film shot on the iPhone to much acclaim.

With video quality improving on smartphones themselves and the number of video-effects and editing apps growing, more and more creative types should begin to explore handsets as a tool, making them some of the most portable and accessible ones around.

There may also be emerging outlets for iPhone films as well: the iPhone Film Festival is currently accepting submissions until October of this year.

Smartphones also play a role in recent art performances and events. Sundance Film Festival this year features a film from U.K.-based performance collective Blast Theory that allowed theater-goers the chance to actually participate in the movie, using their smartphones to navigate through heist scenes that took place throughout various locations in Park City, Utah.

“Ronen’s Adventure Trapped in an iPhone” was written and choreographed by Ronen Verbit and Vanya Polunin, and made with the help of Thierry Van Biesen, Celia Rowlson Hall, Jordan Hall, Lauren Sieczkowski and Elie Bekhazi.

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