IPhone Eats Into BlackBerry Business

IPhone Eats Into BlackBerry Business

Apple’s iPhone could be the next-preferred smartphone in the business world, leaving RIM to wonder where to go next.

Last week, Deutsche Bank introduced a pilot program that allowed its employees to access work e-mails on their iPhones, using an app from Good Technology that allows users to access secure corporate servers from iPhones or Android devices.

BlackBerry, which had been the leader for corporate e-mail due to its ability to encrypt data, may see its fortunes slip as rivals encroach on its home turf.

“It’s going well,” said a Deutsche Bank employee who was asked to be part of the pilot. “One of my co-workers doesn’t even use his BlackBerry anymore. He just leaves it plugged in and forwards the calls to his iPhone.

Good’s app can encrypt and decrypt e-mail quickly without the need for added security built into the device’s operating system. The software can also access company intranets, among other services, without the need to change settings use virtual private networks, or VPNs, on the device.

If the pilot continues to receive favorable feedback, Deutsche Bank may join J.P. Morgan Chase, among other banks, which are allowing iPhones at work.

Along with Good, security specialists like “MobileIron” and “NetHawk” are also developing software to beef up security for Apple’s popular devices, setting the Cupertino, Calif.-based company up to make a splash in the business world.

Good has seen large increases of activations on the iPhone platform, suggesting that more companies adopting Apple’s devices.

If Apple and Android catch on in the enterprise world, RIM and its BlackBerry line of devices could be in trouble.

RIM has seen sales decline over the past year thanks to the rise of Google’s Android and Verizon now offering the iPhone. The company has always had a stranglehold on the business world thanks to its security measures, but that too may be loosening.

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