Google Developing Photo-Sharing App

Google Developing Photo-Sharing App

Google is reportedly working on a photo-sharing app for smartphones, in a move to compete with Facebook on the social networking front.

The app, known as “Pool Party,” lets users upload photos from their smartphones to albums in real-time. Unlike other photo apps, Pool Party, currently in invite-beta only, allows multiple users to upload photos to one album.

For example, a person can create a birthday party album and friends who were at the party can post their photos in the album as well.

Pool Party is another step for Google into social networking. Earlier this week, the company launched Google+, its answer to Facebook and Twitter. The service, still in beta, is designed to be more intimate and allow users to share information with a more specific group of friends rather than Facebook’s often massive friends list.

Google’s biggest competition in its quest for social networking dominance is Facebook. Last month, rumors surfaced that Facebook is creating its own dedicated photo sharing app for the iPhone. Facebook is already the world’s largest photo-sharing service, thanks to its 750 million users uploading and commenting on photos each day, giving it an edge in this area.

Google, to be competitive, must stay neck-and-neck with Facebook in any social networking venture the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company heads towards next.

With this service, Google also sets itself up to compete directly against other proven mobile photo sharing services, including Instagram, Path and Color.

Instagram, a photo sharing network with more than five million users, allows users to post and comment on photos, as well as offer a “like” button similar to Facebook’s. Users can follow each other and have their friends’ photos appear in their feeds, like Twitter.

Path limits friend lists to just 50, a far cry from other social networks with extensive contact lists. Color allows people to create a group album made of photos, video and conversations with friends.

Google knows it is hundreds of millions of users behind Facebook in the social networking race. The company is hoping Google+ and Pool Party help it become the go-to social network in the future.

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