Nokia 6102i
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Nokia 6102i

GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900
Form Factor:
85 x 45 x 24 mm
5-Way Keypad
Battery Type:
720 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time:
4 hours
Standby Time:
14.6 days
4.2 MB
Radiation (SAR):
Below Average Radiation (0.74 W/kg)

Main Screen:
65,000 colors (128 x 160 px)
Secondary Screen:
4,096 colors (96 x 65 px)
0.3 MP / 640 x 480 px / Video Recorder

MP3 Player:
FM Radio:

128 x 160 px
Screen Savers:
128 x 160 px
24 chord / MP3
Streaming Multimedia:

AOL / ICQ / MSN / Yahoo
Predictive Text:

To-Do List:
Voice Commands:

Infrared Port:
High-Speed Data:
GPRS (Class 10) / EDGE
PC Sync:

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Coming on the heels of the Nokia 6102 for Cingular, the 6102i (and 6103 for T-Mobile) adds previously missing Bluetooth technology, while retaining the same striking clamshell design and ease-of-use that made the 6102 such as hit with consumers.

The addition of Bluetooth opens up a myriad of options for owners to increase the productivity and convenience of their mobile experience. With a wide array of Bluetooth technology-enabled enhancements, the 6102i can connect with accessories wirelessly, from adapters and headsets to laptops and automobiles.

Along with Bluetooth, the 6102i comes bundled with a strong feature set including a VGA camera with dedicated Camera Key, Nokia Xpress audio messaging for sending audio clips, and dual color screens with support for animated wallpapers and screensavers.

For productivity, the 6102i offers synchronizable contact and calendar information, voice dialing and recording and a built-in handsfree speakerphone. Meanwhile an integrated FM radio and downloadable content support including MIDI and MP3 ringtones, themes and games ensure consumers have time for some fun.


The Nokia 6102i is cosmetically identical to the 6102, with the same conservative lines and traditional design. Without being flashy or gaudy, the 6102i strays from the razor-thin designs sweeping the market, measuring a much thicker 85 x 45 x 24 mm, about average with current devices on the market.

Basic and incoming information is displayed on the 4K-color external LCD, such as battery level and signal strength. With the VGA camera lens above, photos can be captured up to 640 x 480 px in resolution, activated by pressing the dedicated Camera Key located on the right edge.

Also along the right, an infrared port conveniently lets consumers send, receive, and synchronize data wirelessly. Volume Keys on the left adjust earpiece and ringer volumes during calls and standby.

For handsfree communication, a speakerphone is integrated on the spine, while the multi-functional Pop-Port connection is positioned on the bottom. Transmitting at rates of up to 230 kbps, the Nokia designed outlet functions as the charger and accessory port, even offering stereo sound with the use of headphones.

Opened, the 6102i reveals its 65K-color internal screen, with two soft keys below to provide convenient access to shortcuts. The comfortable 5-way keypad provides easily navigate through the menu, while a standard numeric keypad offers fast text messaging through T9 predictive text.

As one of the better designed clamshells on the market, Nokia emphasized usability when creating the 6102 and 6102i. Unlike many other manufactures that sacrifice ease-of-use for a thinner profile, the 6102i is intuitive and familiar, with buttons and layout placement for maximum convenience.

Out of the box, the Nokia 6102i comes with a Standard 720 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Charger, Handsfree Headset, and User Manual.


Triggering the dedicated Camera Key activates the integrated VGA (0.3-megapixel) camera, converting the 6102i's internal LCD into a viewfinder (self-portraits are also possible using the external LCD).

Capable of snapping images up to 640 x 480 px in size, photos are encoded in JPG file format with settings for High, Normal, and Basic image quality.

With most camera phones integrating 1.3-megapixel cameras, and high-end devices pushing 2.0- and 3.2-megapixels, the 6102i's imaging capabilities are lacking. Too low in resolution to make decent prints, the 6102i's camera is best suited for phone wallpapers or attachments in multimedia messages.

Self-Timer and Night Mode are included, but the lack filters and functions such as digital zoom, exposure and brightness adjustments, and color balance make the 6102i's camera disappointing.

Offering video recording at Sub QCIF (128 x 96 px) resolution, clips are encoded in the 3GP codec (H.263 and AMR) format. Blurry and low quality, video clips aren't particularly usable, integrated as novelty item than actually functional.

Basic Features

Released exclusively for Cingular, the tri-band Nokia 6102i runs on GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900 network worldwide, provided it's unlocked. As a common carrier practice, the 6102i is "locked" to Cingular's network to prevent customers from taking discounted phones (purchased in conjunction with a plan) to other carriers. However good-standing customers can usually request the unlock code after 90 days of service. Only after entering the code can users take the 6102i to different GSM carriers.

Rating the 6102i's 720 mAh Li-Ion battery at 4.0 hours and 350 hours (14.6 days) of talk and standby times respectively, these are under optimal conditions. Manufacturers and carriers often list talk and standby times with disclaimers about variable performance, and refer to the times they publish as maximum times. Actual talk and standby times are lower.


Delivering a bright 65K-colors, the 6102i's internal LCD is the same one found on the 6102. Measuring 128 x 160 px in resolution, the display is built from TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology, placing circuit transistors directly on the glass to provide more brilliant imaging and quick refresh rates.

By comparison, the external STN (Super Twisted Nematic) screen offers 4K-colors. While not as vibrant as the internal TFT screen, the 96 x 65 px STN display has the added benefit of consuming less power and conserving battery life, ideal for external displays that shows static indicators. Presenting signal strength and battery level, the 6102's external screen also includes network name, time and date, the active profile, and alarm clock or calendar note alerts. During incoming calls, the caller's name or number is shown.

Compared to other LCDs on the market, the 6102i's twin displays offer ordinary imaging, falling short in vibrancy and clarity to 262K-color and now even 16.7 million color screens on high-end devices. However, being priced as a mid-tier handset, the 6102i offers an suitable display at a competitive price.


Missing an MP3 player (although it supports MP3 ringtones), the 6102i makes up for it with an FM stereo radio (headset sold separately). Presetting up to 20 radio stations, manual and automatic tuning let consumers enjoy live music on the road.

Activating the speakerphone users can talk with their hands free. Wonderfully loud, the 6102i's audio capabilities are clear and free from distortion.


The 6102i supports SMS (Short Messaging Service), EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service), and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) for text and multimedia messaging. A new feature called Nokia Xpress is also included, allowing consumers to send voice clips over the network for personalized audio messages.

Cingular integrates popular instant messaging platforms on its devices, and the 6102i goes beyond traditional SMS-based chat with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger. Giving users real-time access to their buddies on the road, conversations can be held just as if they were sitting in front of a PC.


The 6102i comes with essential tools found on most devices today, including a 500-entry Phonebook, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Calendar, Countdown Timer, Notes, Recorder, Stopwatch, and To-Do List.

Through POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP protocols, users can also check 3rd party email accounts on the 6102i.

Not limited to preinstalled applications, the 6102i also runs on J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), a popular mobile platform. Users can download and install a wide variety of software, from "mobile versions" of popular computer programs to video games reminiscent of old 90s console titles. Most programs through the Internet or Cingular's online service cost a small fee.


Cingular offers convenient access to online multimedia services, letting customers connect purchase wallpapers, ringtones, and games, and access a variety of premium services.

The 6102i integrates GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Class 10 to transfer data up to 48 kbps, but users will probably opt for EDGE (Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution), Cingular's 3G high-speed network.

Transferring 3 to 4 times faster than traditional GPRS networks, EDGE achieves realistic rates of around 70-135 kbps; giving customers high-speed Internet access from the road, through the 6102i or an attached laptop.

Offering coverage in over 13,000 U.S. cities and towns and more than 39,000 miles of U.S. highways, EDGE covers a population of nearly 253 million people. Internationally, EDGE and GPRS roaming is available in more than 80 countries.


With mediocre multimedia capabilities, the 6102i's 4.2 MB of internal memory should be enough to storage photos, ringtones, emails, and text messages. Without an expansion card slot, users will need to clear out extra room should more space be needed.


Newly added, the 6102i adds Bluetooth wireless technology. Able to transfer data within a 10 meter (30 feet) range, the Bluetooth protocol allows users to pair the 6102i between other peripheral devices such as headsets and car handsfree systems. Combined with the built-in infrared port, the 6102i is a well connected device with multiple ways to connect.


The Nokia 6102i is little changed from the 6102, presenting identical design, imaging, and audio features. With other devices improving functionality, the 6102i is lackluster with outdated technology such as a VGA camera and missing MP3 playing capabilities.

But the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology, combined with an infrared port, makes the 6102i a formidable device with connectivity features. Offering dual color screen, an FM radio, and J2ME downloadable games and applications, the 6102i packages a reasonable multimedia set for users on the road.

But the 6102i's greatest strength is its ease-of-use, providing intuitive design and functional keys for a different set of consumers. For users looking for high-end multimedia-rich features, the 6102i is a poor device. Priced as a mid-level device, the 6102i is an ideal device for consumers looking for solid phone for communicating.

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User Reviews

Rating: 5 of 5 Better Than Razr

Zippy on July 25, 2006

I owned the 6102 model previously, and I must say Nokia has definitely done a good job upgrading to a more solid model -- the 6102i. With the addition of Bluetooth technology, there are also more choices that allow you to customize your phone. The 6102i also has more memory. Here are the comparisons between the 6102i and its less-sturdy predecessor.

The 6102i:

1. Has over 4-megabytes of memory, whereas the other has 3.5-megabytes.
2. Of course there is Bluetooth.
3. Has different themes installed.
4. Has more of a selection of ringtones/alert tones.
5. Has more graphics to choose from.
6. The keypad on the 6102i is white with colored buttons at the top, which in my opinion is a lot easier to see than the dull blue keypad of the 6102.
7. The menu system seems to be faster (but not much) than the 6102.
8. There is also the addition of the MSN instant messenger application, along with AIM, Yahoo and ICQ.

The 6102i also feels sturdier than the 6102. The case on the latter came apart too easily, and felt like a flimsy phone to begin with, but the 6102i feels a lot more solid and well-made. It is a true "upgrade" from the 6102 in my opinion.

The pros are obvious, but let's talk about the cons. I don't have many qualms with this phone. The one major problem I have is the graphics -- when I download a graphic to my phone from anywhere other than Cingular, it saves in a crappy format and won't fit the screen completely. I have tried from several different sources, and to no avail. Maybe Cingular possessed the phone somehow.

I've read about people whining about the loudness of the earpiece -- I have found that it sounds much better when you activate the "Automatic Volume Control" function.

Overall, this is a great phone -- much better than the 6102. I recommend it if you don't want to spend way too much on a more "kickass" phone. Some may think the Razr is worth it -- trust me, it's not. I traded a Razr V3 in for the 6102i.

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Rating: 4 of 5 Good Phone With a Few Gripes

Rikki Washere on August 23, 2006

Basically, this is a good phone.

- Snooze on the alarm.
- You can record a song to make into a ringtone.
- Very clear speaker phone.
- Okay camera. Nothing special but when on your computer they come out clear.
- Holds about 90 text messages in the "sent" and "inbox" section each.
- "Go To" list comes in handy and it's customizable.
- Bluetooth (didn't use that but some like it).
- The infrared port is good when you have friends with one because you can send each other pictures and audio recordings cost free.
- Able to put a picture in the front screen (kind of squished but takes up whole screen rather than small portion).

- Antenna cover falls off if you grab phone from there too often.
- I personally had problems with two different 6102i phones where when done with a call it would shut off the phone. Maybe a bad batch?
- Not enough memory with only 4-megabytes. When you have a full inbox/outbox, 15 pictures and a few videos then you're pretty much filled up so I was forced to delete some of my games to compensate.
- Vibrate isn't that strong when in your pocket and walking somewhere because you can't feel it that well.
- The calendar on the phone is very nice, and has many different types of "things" for each calendar entry such as a reminder, memo, birthday, appointment, etc.
- The calculator could be easier to do considering that whenever you want to +-* / you had to go to the calculator menu and select it.
- There are many different profile settings, two of them you can name them something else besides "normal" or "silent".

If you do end up buying this phone, make sure that when you first get it change the address book settings to "save to Smart Chip" because otherwise it won't get saved to your SIM card. My first phone was like this, and I had it saved to "SIM and Phone." Wrong. I spilled soda on it one night and assumed my phone numbers would be on the SIM card because of that selection. Wrong again. I lost 100 so of my numbers and had to ask everyone again. So lesson is: save it to SIM only.

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Rating: 4 of 5 Recommended

Ray on November 12, 2007

I bought this Nokia since my last one was still working after six years. But it was short on contact space and I deserved an upgrade. I've had my 6102i since April, and other than some minor scratches on the navigation keys from fingernails, I've had no problems with damage. Yes, I've dropped it--- on carpet, wood floor, grass and concrete. No chips, cracks or broken antenna or screen -- and it all works fine. I did have the foresight to buy a leather case for it.

Battery life is fantastic. I get two days in light use and it still shows all four bars, or wandering around the Internet for 4 to 4.5 hours before I get down to one bar of battery life.

I can hear it ring, earpiece volume is good, loudspeaker is loud and reception is great. Vibrate could be better. People tell me it sounds very clear when I talk to them. The only dropped calls have all been to people on the same network. But I won't use the V word.

Keys are a nice size and laid out well and raised enough for "feel." The radio is nice and reception is good. Infrared is a nice touch.

The camera is pretty basic, but takes decent pictures. Most of the menu is very accessible and intuitive. Some of the submenus are a pain. I love the "Go to Menu" and navigation key shortcuts after I customized them. Preloaded tones and graphics are marginal, but about anything you need is out there -- usually free.

The backlight shuts off way too quickly. The Cingular preloaded links can't be deleted and they use up memory. And I wish it had at least 10 times the memory and an SD expansion slot.

I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a good, dependable, affordable phone. But they will have to be nice to it. One of the guys I work with actually broke an anvil. And this phone is not that tough. This was posted from my phone.

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Rating: 0 of 5 Buyer Beware

Barbara Beachy on June 06, 2007

I have gone through dozens of cell phones in my lifetime, yet none have been quite as disappointing to me as the Nokia 6102i. As the other reviews state, this phone does have some nice features. However, it lacks one very important characteristic -- durability.

I like to think I take good care of my phones, but as we all know--accidents happen. I have dropped cell phones, but my phones have never broke or been damaged as the result of being dropped -- with the exception of the Nokia 6102i. I only had this phone for two months when I accidentally knocked it off a countertop, sending it crashing to the floor. Unlike my other phones, which were durable enough to withstand a minor fall such as this, the Nokia 6102i literally cracked on impact (with a hardwood floor), breaking the antenna off and cracking the screen.

Luckily, I had insurance on the phone and was able to exchange it for a new one. However, only a couple months after receiving my new Nokia 6102i, it too was dropped, and the antenna was practically busted right off.

Over the course of the next month or so the phone got to the point where it was completely unusable. I had to hold the antenna in place each time I made a call, or it would fall off. The top of the phone that holds the antenna piece in place started cracking and falling off randomly. Due to the problem with the antenna, the phone was never able to get more than one bar (for service), which resulted in me being unable to use my phone from places I would normally have service (like outdoors), and my calls started dropping randomly.

I had to be so careful with this phone, because I knew that the next time I dropped it, it would be done for. Well, sure enough, a few months later, the phone fell off a countertop, literally breaking the phone into three pieces. I took the phone to the store I purchased it at, hoping it could somehow be fixed (I was freaked out at the thought of losing hundreds of phone numbers).

The guy looked at my phone and shook his head. He said, "I do not recommend these (Nokia) phones to anyone, because this is probably the 20th one I have seen broken like this." He then proceeded to take my phone apart. "The screen is completely shot," he informed me. "I'm sorry... you'll need to get a new phone."

I have since purchased an LG phone which I am far happier with. It is extremely durable unlike the Nokia 6102i, which is made of cheap, thin plastic. Hopefully in writing this review, I can save someone from experiencing the curse of the Nokia 6102i.

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Rating: 0 of 5 Don't Buy This Phone

Travis on July 02, 2007

When I first bought this phone I was in love with the sleekness, shine, and camera feature. However I should have done some research because I dropped my phone once in the grass and now the camera feature does not work instead it says "Camera on Standby," which makes me furious since I paid $100 for it.

I would advise you to get something else because I could have bought a Razr or the Pebl with the money I had at the time for a phone. People save your money and get a different phone because one drop and the camera never works again, fingerprints show up like crazy, and it has horrible memory. So in conclusion, get anything Motorola. In my opinion, they are very durable and just easier to understand than a Nokia.

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Rating: 2 of 5 Durability Issues

WW2 on February 21, 2007

I have many different types of cell phones over the years and Nokia has always been my favorite. However, this phone has made be reconsider based on durability. My other Nokia phones have lasted two to three years and still had mileage on them when I upgraded. However, after having this one a short six months, I need to replace it.

The reception is fine but the case is very poorly designed and I literally have the case taped together. The case is broken at the antenna and, because of the way the phone is designed, I put more pressure on the area that is weak each and every time I open the phone.

When I called Cingular they did state there was a recall on this phone because of "breakage" around the antennae but it is more of a hassle to try and fix it than just hope it holds out for another six months. Buyer beware.

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Rating: 1 of 5 Need a New Phone

Paul Thatcher on November 27, 2006

I have this phone, and I guess it is a good phone to an extent. It does have some good features and the pros are:

- The picture quality is better for a phone.
- I like the fact that when you close the phone, things don't close which is good.
- You can use the camera when the phone is closed.
- The battery has very long life; I charge the phone maybe every two to three days.

But the bad things about it are:

- I myself do not believe they made this phone much sturdier, I've had mine for about four months, and, it's already falling apart.
- The visuals are good, but the memory to hold the pictures and graphics, are not.
- The ear piece is very soft -- even on the highest setting.
- The memory on this phone is bad. The memory shows says 4-megabytes, but I believe that is including the phonebook memory, otherwise, there's only about 2.4-megabytes of memory.

Overall, it's an all right phone. I seem to have more problems than I would be willing to endure. However, I believe I should start saving for a new phone now.

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Rating: 5 of 5 Not Enough Memory? Change Photo Settings

C.G. on February 18, 2007

This phone is great. I've had a million phones, half being Nokia, which is my favorite brand. The camera is good on all quality settings. Everyone complains that there isn't enough memory; well you can change it from high quality to normal or basic. I haven't deleted anything from my phone, and I can take 60 pictures on basic. In addition, the radio is awesome. And a lot more...

Shows fingerprints like crazy, don't use it in a crime and leave it at the scene -- the CSI guys will find you in the time it takes you to read this. I swear you can't even breathe on this phone or it shows smudges or scratches. I love Cingular, but the 6103 with the rubber on it is definitely a better surface. Still, I'd get this phone again, if I was getting a new phone.

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Rating: 2 of 5 2 Problems

Sheldon on September 06, 2006

This phone has some nice features but there are two display problems I cannot live with.

First, the backlight on the main display turns off after about 20 seconds when you first begin, and once you are in the midst, it turns off about 5 seconds after your last entry. There is no setting to change the length of time the backlight stays on. If I pause to check a phone number I'm dialing, the screen goes dark. If the signal is weak and the phone is taking a little while to connect, the screen goes dark, and I can't see when it's succeeded in connecting.

Second, both screens become distorted if you look at them with polarized sunglasses. This is especially troublesome for driving. I will return this phone to Cingular and try another.

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