Samsung Droid Charge
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Samsung Droid Charge

CDMA 800 / 1900 / LTE 700
Form Factor:
Block / Google Android OS v2.2
130 x 68 x 12 mm
Touch Screen
Battery Type:
1500 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time:
11 hours
Standby Time:
11.7 days
32.0 GB
Radiation (SAR):
Medium Radiation (1.01 W/kg)

Main Screen:
Super AMOLED Plus (Accelerometer / Proximity Sensor / Ambient Light Sensor)
16,700,000 colors (480 x 800 px)
Secondary Screen:
8.0 MP / LED Flash / Zoom / HD Video Recorder / 1.3 MP / Video Calling

MP3 Player:
VCAST Music / Rhapsody (MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / WAV)
FM Radio:

480 x 800 px
Screen Savers:
480 x 800 px
Android Market
Streaming Multimedia:
VCAST Video (MPEG-4 / H.263 / H.264 / WMV9 / YouTube)

POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP / Gmail
AOL / Google / Windows Live / Yahoo
Predictive Text:
Swype / Handwriting Recognition

Google Calendar
To-Do List:
2.0 (Webkit / Flash 10.1 / Google Search)
Voice Commands:

2.1 (A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP / OPP)
Infrared Port:
High-Speed Data:
LTE / cdma2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A
802.11 b/g
Compass (VZ Navigator / Google Maps 5.0)
PC Sync:
USB 2.0


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If you want a 4G LTE device through Verizon, the Samsung Droid Charge beats the HTC Thunderbolt, but it'll set you back some serious cash.

The Charge is a large phone, standing over 5-inches tall and more than 2.5-inches wide. It's a bit uncomfortable to use with one hand, but it's a modest 5-ounces, which keeps it from being too bulky. The light weight stems from its plastic frame, but the material is slick and not nearly as pleasant as softer, grippier backs.

The large size results in a beautiful display. The 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen has a 480-by-800 pixel resolution that rivals the iPhone's Retina display -- with great clarity, sharpness and viewing angles. In addition, the screen also looks good when viewed in natural daylight, an area where most other displays on the market today struggle.

When a device sells for $300, you expect top-notch features, and the camera doesn't disappoint. The 8-megapixel lens produces great images with sharp details. The camera app also has a few very useful options -- like auto-focus/anti-shake, which prevents blurry photos. There are also a few editing features to improve pictures after you've snapped them. You can also record 720p videos. Clips look beautiful on the display and feature very little blur, even with a shaky hand during recording.

The camera and screen are both top-of-the-line, but processing power is less impressive. The Charge ships with a single score 1-gigahertz chip and 512-megabytes of RAM, which works perfectly fine for daily tasks, but more intensive processing, like running multiple apps, stretches the phone. A device with a high price point should have a dual-core processor and at least 1-gigabyte of RAM to assure there are absolutely no hiccups in performance. It does, however, come with a 32-gigabyte microSD card pre-installed, so you'll have no trouble storing a significant chunk of photos and videos.

Samsung decided to sacrifice a bit of processing power in favor of battery life. One of the biggest issues with the LTE-enabled HTC Thunderbolt was that you couldn't get through an entire day without having to recharge. The Charge looks to fix this with its 1,600 mAh li-ion battery, and it succeeds. With regular use, you'll get through an entire day without a problem. But if you're a heavier user, you'll want to buy a second charger to carry around. In addition, you can't turn off 4G, and that's one of the biggest drawbacks. Samsung felt that battery was strong enough, but 4G really drains the battery. It would have been nice to prolong the battery even further.

As for software, there is little difference between the Thunderbolt and the Charge. Both run on Android, with the only discrepancy being the Thunderbolt features HTC's Sense interface, while the Charge works with Samsung's TouchWiz UI. There's really no standout feature in either, both let you use multiple home screens, and while their aesthetic looks are bit different, it's nothing that should sway you one way or another.

Overall, the price is high, but the Charge offers the best battery life, display and camera of the two LTE devices available at Verizon, making it the right choice for you if you who want the fastest possible data speed.

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User Reviews

Rating: 1 of 5 loses functions such as...

Molly on March 25, 2007

... it will call someone. who idk because it lost all my contact info and refuses to sync / back up because it rarely to never connects to 4,3,2G

Lost contacts. won't send or receive pictures. won't allow download of group texts. loses gps locking all the time. Deleated the talk button off its keypad. loses battery life quickly. and the most eritating is when I brought it in sales ppl play dumb like they have never hurd this b4. no its a problem and the phone sucks. its ok at first but just when you can't take it back it screws you and loses functions.

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