T-Mobile MyTouch Q
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T-Mobile MyTouch Q

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / UMTS 1700 / 2100
Form Factor:
Slide / Google Android OS v2.3
121 x 64 x 13 mm
Touch Screen / QWERTY Keypad
Battery Type:
1500 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time:
3.3 hours
Standby Time:
11.7 days
1.0 GB
microSD / TransFlash
Radiation (SAR):

Main Screen:
262,000 colors (320 x 480 px)
Secondary Screen:
5.0 MP / Flash / Zoom / Auto-Focus / HD Video Recorder

MP3 Player:
MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / WMA
FM Radio:

320 x 480 px
Screen Savers:
320 x 480 px
Android Market
Streaming Multimedia:
T-Mobile TV / Netflix

POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP / Gmail
AOL / ICQ / Google / Windows Live / Yahoo
Predictive Text:
Swype / Handwriting Recognition

Google Calendar
To-Do List:
2.0 (Webkit / Google Search)
Voice Commands:
Genius Button (Dragon Dictation)

3.0 (A2DP / HFP / HSP / OPP)
Infrared Port:
High-Speed Data:
802.11 b/g/n
Google Maps Street View
PC Sync:
USB 2.0

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If you're an entry-level smartphone user prioritizing the convenience of a device with a slide-out keyboard, you'll enjoy the Q, part of the T-Mobile's popular MyTouch series that brings a slate features in a 4G phone being offered at only $50 with a two-year contract.

The Q is the sister device of the more traditional MyTouch slate smartphone. They're both made by Huawei, and the Q comes in only black, while its sister model comes in either black or dark red. The Q, like the MyTouch, runs a customized version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has two 4-inch WVGA screens and a 1,500 mAh battery.

The Q comes equipped with a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera, making it more than capable of snapping, sending and printing a wide variety of photos. It also has an LED flash, making it easier to take photos in all settings, not just in broad daylight. In addition, there's HSPA-plus Internet, a 1.4-gigahertz CPU and a microSD slot for plenty of storage room.

The Q does have one drawback, though. The keyboard adds weight for a total of just over six ounces -- not a lot, in the grand scheme of things, but if you're used to a lighter phone, it'll feel too heavy for you. But if you enjoy a phone that seems more substantially built, the extra weight will reassure you that you've got something that is more strongly built than many Huawei models.

The keyboard more than makes up for the extra weight. If you frequently text, use Facebook or Twitter, you know how annoying a touch screen can be. The keyboard lets you get back to a more traditional typeface while enjoying the fun of using an Android smartphone.

The Q also features a dedicated camera key, making it much easier to take photos. In addition, the Q features the "Genius" button, which will allow you to easily enjoy voice dictation, make calls, browse the Internet, and more. It's a nice added feature for an inexpensive 4G smartphone.

The curved back makes the Q easy to handle, offering a more natural feel to the device. The back also comes with a rubbery battery cover, protecting it from scratches and dirty fingerprints, as well as helping you hold your phone easier.

The WVGA display handles viewing video and photography well, and its 4-inch screen means you won't squint to see icons, texts and other touch screen features.

Over the years, T-Mobile's MyTouch series targeted entry-level smartphone users, and the Q is no exception. It's preloaded with numerous Google services, including Maps with Navigation, YouTube, Music, Gmail, Messenger and more, and T-Mobile includes several of its own apps, including More for Me, which scouts local deals, a gaming portal called Game Base, MobileLife Family Organizer, T-Mobile Mall, and a 30-day trial for T-Mobile TV, which lets you stream live TV. But if you're more experienced, you won't appreciate the bloatware.

It also has three e-mail clients, including a native program, Gmail and Yahoo mail, a second browser atop the include Web browser, two gaming portals and two navigators -- more than you'll need.

T-Mobile makes it easy to use its MyTouch lines, and if you don't want to research and download your own apps and programs, you'll appreciate everything that's pre-loaded. But the bloatware can slow down this phone, so if you buy the Q, you'll want to unload some of the items so your new phone will work at higher speed.

Overall, the Q is a sturdy smartphone that is a nice choice if you're an entry-level user who doesn't want to deal with loading apps. It comes with a nice style, a keyboard to make messaging easy and a camera that won't embarrass you with blurry photos. It's solid, extremely easy to use, and offers 4G speed at a low price. Not bad for only $50.

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User Reviews

Rating: 5 of 5 LG not Huawei

thesonofbatman on August 22, 2012

The review by this website is a mixed description of two My Touch Q. One is made by LG and one is made by Huawei. Some of the reviews by users I researched online are not very good. I'm wondering which one they're referring to. I just upgraded my wife's Nokia Astound to the LG My Touch Q yesterday and very pleased with it. It's much faster, better camera and she love the genius button. She often forgets the numbers of restaurants that delivers in the area and she tried all of them on the phone by the genius button and not only finds their location in the map by speaking the names, but just touch them and they show their phone numbers. She was really happy. I'm serious. Great phone.

There is no problem with the phone so far. I gave my daughter My Touch and My Touch slide in the past before switching to iPhone 4 and I'm sure my wife wouldn't have no problem with this one.

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